The Student Alumni Body was formed with the aim to involve the students in the Alumni Activities from their student-hood itself. The body is to promote the interests of and understanding between the students of the past, present, and future NIT Kurukshetra through the programs and services offered by their organization. The objective is to educate the general students with a better understanding of the NIT Kurukshetra Alumni Association and likewise bring the alumni community up to date with the current student body. It is with the endeavor to promote tradition and unity within the College to ultimately preserve a lifelong connection for all those who pass through the portals of NIT Kurukshetra. Following are the members of the current student body.

Name Year
Hemant Dhingra Fourth
N.K.Aditya Bharadwaz Fourth
Nihal Agarwal Fourth
Nishant Kumar Fourth
Ritu Dalal Fourth
Smriti gupta Fourth
Vaibhav Garg Fourth
Vinayak Chamadia Fourth
Abhishek Kumar Third
Akshat Singhal Third
Amartya Saha Third
Deepak Maurya Third
Himanshi Gupta Third
Himanshu Kumar Third
Narendra Kumawat Third
S R Tejaswini Third
Shubham Yadav Third
Swati Chauhan Third
Tanvi Singhal Third
Udisha Singh Third
Vaibhav Bisht Third
Yash Gupta Third
Garvit Second
Mohammad Daud Second
Nandini Second
Sharath Bodineni Second